postheadericon Mephedrone’s Side Effects

While the popularity of old illegal drugs starts to wane, many newly invented drugs begin to gain popularity among drug users. Sadly, most countries still busy themselves with taking care of the legal status of the former. Old drugs, such as heroin and marijuana, are drugs whose legal status in several countries is still in grey area. While those countries are still dealing with their legal status, many new drugs, such as mephedrone (4-MMC), start emerging and gaining popularity among abusers. 4-MMC was firstly known by drug inspector in 2008, although its usage as recreational drug might have started few years before. Users take it because it can provide them with effects similar to those given by amphetamine and MDMA (ecstasy). In some countries, such as Israel, the United Kingdom and Sweden, this drug is considered illegal. Some other countries, such as Canada, the United States and Australia, however, don’t explicitly list it as illegal drug, although its usage without prescription may be subject to arrest.

This drug is derived from the cathinone compound that is extracted from the Khat plant cultivated in East Africa. It is developed in sweat-shop laboratories and it never undergoes clinical test when it is invented. It is popular among users who want to face the legal risk of consuming ecstasy and other illegal drugs. Although it eventually becomes illegal, its popularity is still preserved. Users know it as meow-meow and it is currently the fourth most popular recreational drugs after marijuana, coke and ecstasy.

There are some beneficial and dangerous effects that this drug may cause. Users who have taken it say that this drug can improve their alertness, euphoria, excitement, urge to talk with people, and sex drive. When such beneficial effect begins to wane, however, its adverse effects, such as panic attack and hallucination, start emerging.

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