postheadericon The Importance of Investing In a Great Quality Triathlon Wetsuit

Newbie triathletes often find themselves in a dilemma. Questions that run through their minds include those about investing in good quality triathlon equipment versus saving and scrimping just to be able to stick to a budget. Seasoned triathletes however, will insist on saving up for only the best gear in order to maximise performance.

What are the things that one should look for in a triathlon wetsuit?

First, the fit must be just snug enough to allow you to move. It must be comfortable and not so tight that it is hard for you to move your body throughout the swim, bike, and run legs of the race. Make sure that the fit of the neckline is low enough that you don’t feel suffocated, but not too low that it doesn’t give you enough protection, especially for the ladies.

Second, consider the cut and style that you want in a wetsuit. The climate in your area will mostly dictate the type of wetsuit that you would purchase. Most triathletes who live in tropical countries would go for the sleeveless cut while those who live in colder areas prefer to go for the ones with long sleeves. Remember that during a triathlon race the weather is one of the biggest factors which will make or break your performance. So choose a wetsuit from the The Blue Seventy wetsuits range at Eureka that will keep you comfortable throughout the race.

Third, look for a wetsuit that will help improve your performance. Some brands like 2XU incorporate innovative technologies in their products. 2XU wetsuits have the Floating Zip technology that gives the wearer ultimate comfort and flexibility especially during the swim leg of the race. While there are many different brands out there that you could check out, make sure that the wetsuit that you choose has added technology that will help boost your performance. They might be quite pricey but it will be worth the investment once you cross that finish line with a faster time.

When you enter the world of multi-sport it is important to know that you will be spending quite a lot. So you should be prepared for it. Invest only in the best gear that you can find and you will not regret it in the long run.

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